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Optimization of water installations with Ultrasound equipment

Ultrasound is a cyclic pressure wave whose frequency is above the hearing limit. The range of human hearing is between 20Hz and 20,500Hz. For frequencies higher than this threshold we refer to ultrasound (freq>20kHz).

Optimización de Instalaciones de agua con equipos de Ultrasonidos
tecnologia limpia algas

Effects of Ultrasound

The mitigation and inhibition of algae growth through the use of ultrasound, avoids the use of chemicals and does not generate waste. It is therefore a clean technology that allows to meet the legislative requirements of environmental policy.

It is ideal for a wide range of applications.

  • Controls and prevents algae and biofilm growth.
  • Avoids chemical biofalls.
  • Low consumption. Available solar powered.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Safe for people, animals and plants.
Optimización de Instalaciones de agua con equipos de Ultrasonidos
River against the blue sky with clouds and forest.

Ultrasound applications

Water sources

  • Harmless to fish and water plants.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.


  • Prevents clogging of filters.
  • Avoids the use of chemicals.

Lake and reservoirs

  • Available in solar energy.
  • Easy installation in large surfaces.

Fish farms

  • Harmless to fish.
  • Algae and pathogen control


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