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Reduce your electricity consumption

Energy Saving Technology LED lighting and capacitor batteries.

Energy Saving

Lower Cost of Installation

Lower Spent Energy

Decrease in pollution

We adapt

To new times and new needs

STECH is a company that has been created in order to adapt to new times and new market needs, where the improvement and achievement of energy savings is a priority, which translates into lower cost installations, lower electricity costs and a contribution to the reduction of environmental pollution.

ESTech carries out an exhaustive study of the installation, fundamentally emphasizing the three most important factors in electrical installations:

1.- Active Energy (kWh) we analyze the loads of the installation and propose corrective measures that, without affecting the quality and comfort of the same, optimize the electrical consumption.
2.- Reactive Energy (kVArh) from the electric bill we study the energy that has been consumed from the supplying company and we propose the necessary Condenser Battery to satisfy that demand.
3.- Power Term we study the optimization of the Invoice, in question of Power Term and of contracted Tariff, checking the suitability of the contracted thing and comparing it with the possibilities that are in the market in other commercializing companies, offering to the client the best obtained option and quantifying it monthly.

Sustainable Construction

Collaborating company of Sustainable Construction in Andalusia.


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Energy Saving Technology

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