Preventive Treatments with Anti-Calcareous Equipment

Electronic systems that generate a harmless electrical signal, which when applied to a water pipe transforms the calcite crystals (adherent format) into aragonite crystals (non-adherent format) avoiding limestone incrustations in the installation.

Tratamientos preventivos con Equipos Anticálcareos 01
These systems have the particularity of slowly dissolving the lime adhered to the installation, thus achieving a cleaning of the installation.

Totally Ecological

El sistema esta libre de mantenimiento, por lo que no necesita ningún elemento fungible ni producto químico alguno, contribuyendo de esta manera a la protección del medio ambiente, ya que es un sistema totalmente ecológico.
aplicaciones estech
Sanitary water. Thermal solar energy. Agricultural and ornamental irrigation. Steam boilers. Portable Water Supplies. Hotels. Laundries. Industries. Cooling towers.
Example of obstructions that can be avoided with IONCAL
Ejemplo de obstrucciones que pueden ser evitadas con IONCAL

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